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Author Programs

Written a Book? Want it on our Shelves? Want to have a Book Signing?


Authors often ask us to sell their books. We at Horton's are happy to support regional authors. If your book has been published by an established publisher, we will purchase your books directly from the publisher. if this is the case you are welcome to send us an email ( notifying us of its publication.

In case of self-publication, we can offer you the opportunity to sell you book through our "Rent-A-Shelf program. 

We will arrange reviewing your book if we feel it is something that would do well in our store. Any unsolicited books left at the store will be donated.

Due to the growing amount of requests we have established the following policies:

  • If your book is self-published or not readily available through normal wholesalers, we offer you the opportunity for you to rent space on our shelves. Because of the labor involved in tracking and selling your book, we do require a non-refundable service fee of $10 per copy.
  • Books must be printed in a professional manner with a title and author listed on the spine.
  • Initially we will stock up to two(2) copies of your title. We will contact you if additional copies are needed. Horton's is not responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen books.
  • Shelf rental is for one year.  After this period, an evalution of sales will be made. Based on this evalution, the contract may be extended if agreeable between the author/publisher and Horton's. Should we decide not to continue to carry your book(s), you will be contacted to pick up any remaining copies. It is your responsibility to keep your contact information up to date. If books are not picked up within two(2) weeks, they will be donated.
  • Payment for sold books will be sent at the end of the rental period minus a 10% processing fee.
  • Placement and display of your book(s) inside Horton's is at our discretion.
  • The author should encourage friends, family and other contacts to purchase their copies at Horton's. This includes stating that your book(s) are available at Horton's in your marketing and advertising. 
  • Author Event Programs including book signings for a flat fee of $50 along with other options and Rental Agreement forms can be requested via email: