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Black Like Me (Compact Disc)

Black Like Me Cover Image
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Writer John Howard Griffin decided to perform an experiment fifty years ago. In order to learn firsthand how one race could withstand the second class citizenship imposed on it by another, he dyed his white skin dark, left his family, and traveled to the South to live as a black man. What began as scientific research ended up changing his life in every way imaginable. This is an eyewitness account of discrimination and segregation that is terrifying and degrading, and its publication caused a furor. As narrated by Ray Childs, this first-ever recording of Black like Me will leave each listener deeply affected. John Howard Griffin's groundbreaking and controversial work helped bring the full effect of racism to the forefront of America's conscience--and it has lessons to be learned over half a century later.

About the Author

John Howard Griffin (June 16, 1920-September 9, 1980) was an American journalist and author much of whose writing was about racial equality. He is best known for darkening his skin and journeying through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia to experience segregation in the Deep South in 1959. He wrote about this experience in his 1961 book "Black Like Me."

Product Details
ISBN: 9781609985172
ISBN-10: 1609985176
Publisher: Audiogo
Publication Date: December 13th, 2011
Language: English