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Donation Requests

   Horton's is very involved in community and charitable organizations. We are committed to giving back. Through we would like to be able to support all donation request, this is impossible, especially for a small business. We cannot donate to every request we receive.

   All requests have to be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the event. We do not accept email or phone requests. All requests must have a donation request letter from a non-profit stating what the donation is for, when the donation will be needed, and event's planners contact information. If a donation is approved,  you will be contacted to pick up the item.

   Donations are In-Kind only. The donated items will be at the discretion of Horton's Books & Gifts. We do not give monetary donations. We must also have the non-profit tax number to process the donation. As a small business, we much abide by professional and legal guidelines.